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Rating: 3/5

Why he needs to write on cover of this novel that he is also the writer to “The Alchemist”?  Obvious answer is the marketing strategy.

The story of this novel is quite simple. A woman in her thirties, who have good husband, good job, good education, good children, lives in richest city of one of the richest and peaceful country of the world gets bored with her good life and looks for adventure. The adventure comes in form of adultery.

The story is simple and writing is simple. Most of things happen inside the mind of the protagonist named Linda. Although I found nothing in this book that I had not found in Paulo other novels. Only good thing about this novel that it is easy to read and understand. Perhaps, if I were of different gender, I might have written seen this novel with different perception. Perhaps, if I were orthodox, I might not have digested the subject. I take adultery as natural and for me it’s neither crime nor sin. It was interesting to read what goes inside a woman’s mind who commits adultery. I am still interested to know about the muse of this novel.

Few quotes form this novel. Perhaps that makes Paulo famous.

“Men and women have exactly the same desire to cheat their partner. It just happens that women have more self-control”

“Wisdom and experience don’t change the man. Time doesn’t change the man. The only thing that changes us is love”

“Do you think all this beauty and grandeur can fit in a little square of film? Record things in your heart. It’s more important than trying to show people what you are experiencing.”


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