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Qiu Xiaolong

mao-caseI don’t know, what is more in number is China people or proverb. Perhaps, there is a proverb for every Chinese as a teacher starts a class with a proverb. This book is full of proverbs and poems. It is interesting to know that chairman Mao was a poet and coincidentally the protagonist of this novel Mr. Chief Inspector Chen is also a poet. This is an easy reading novel if I cut those poems out or if I am Chinese and those poems were written in their original language. The tagline of this novel is “Sex, lies and murder in the forbidden city” but it seems only for the advertisement. The only sex scene I found was the last scene of Jiao. There are murders but none of them in Forbidden City. Most of the story is based on Shanghai and to my knowledge the “Forbidden City” lies in Beijing. The writer has criticized Mao, communist party and Cultural Revolution in every possible way. I do not know what present condition of common people in China is but one must give some credit to chairman Mao and the communist party in turning China into “Industrial Estate” of the world.

The story is about finding a “Mao Material” which might be with a girl named Jiao, which she might have inherited from her grandmother who was a movie star in thirties and had relation with Mao. The job to find that “Mao Material” si given to inspector Chen. Mr. Inspector ask help from his colleagues, his friend’s wife, his girlfriend etc and everybody is helping him. Thing had been interesting if someone have back-stabbed him. In the course of investigation Inspector Chen discovers many things about Mao and his affairs. The writer has successfully highlighted all the dark sides of Mao. Well an average novel which I might have called well if I haven’t met Sidney Sheldon.Anyway, reading this novel is certainly not a waste of time.

Reading novel is quite educating as one learn about history, geography, culture etc. Well I might to read more novels by Chinese writers.


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