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Sidney Sheldon

On October 2007, one friend of mine gave me a novel “The Doomsday Conspiracy” by Sidney Sheldon. I had not heard the name “Sidney Sheldon” by then. I had not read many novels then. It took me few weeks to complete that novel and I found it exciting and thrilling. It was “The Doomsday Conspiracy” which whet my appetite for novels and I developed a habit of reading novels. I read novels of many writers but Sidney’s novels were the one I was always searching for. Sidney’s second novel for me was “Windmills of Gods”. It was not as thrilling as “The Doomsday Conspiracy” but not bad at all. Third one in the series was “Master of the Game”. It was the favorite novel of my friend from whom I used to borrow novels those days. It was different from those two I had read before but was a good one.

“Rage of Angles” and “Stranger in the Mirror” were first pair of novels that I brought from store, before that I used to borrow from friends. Among those two “Rage of Angles” was something worth paying while “Stranger in the Mirror” was disappointing. I could not find anything pleasing about the main characters of that novel.

Most of the Sidney’s novel have one thing in common, a beautiful female protagonist who also seems to have brilliant mind and successful carrier. Sidney’s novels are best place if you are seeking a beautiful, wise, strong and successful lady. While most of the Sidney’s novel have female protagonist, it was “Morning, Noon and Night” where I didn’t find any protagonist. In this journey, I also read “Angel of the Dark”. Sheldon’s incomplete novel extrapolated by Tilly Bagshaw. I don’t know which part of the novel was written by Sidney and which part by Bagshaw, for me the last section of the book spoiled a good thriller novel. The last section of that novel was completely unnecessary from my point of view. It is only Sheldon’s novel extrapolated by Bagshaw the I have read so far.

Despite the disappointment brought by “Angel of the Dark”, I continued reading Sheldon’s novel. Now, I have to buy them as I have already devoured novels with my friends. They were always same but different. Same because they all have female protagonist,thrilling and exciting story. Different because each had completely different plot and unpredictable story. In this digital era I read two of the Sheldon’s novel in digital form. “Bloodline” was first novel that I read in ‘pdf’ form. Second was “If tomorrow comes”. It was eighteenth novel that I completed reading by Sheldon and it is my bad luck that Sheldon is no more alive to write novels for me. I started this journey few months after Sheldon’s death and completed in Feb 2015. A long but exciting journey for me. I want to start another journey but not sure what to choose. I liked Paulo’s work but its different genre and his novel effects psychologically for months after reading. Chetan Bhagat used to write good novels. I loved reading “5 Point Someone”, “3 Mistakes of my life” and “2 States”. But after being disappointed by “Revolution 2020” I stopped reading his novels. “The Good Earth” by Pearl S. Buck was one of the finest piece of literature I have ever read but I could not find any other of her work with high rating. There are options like Mario Puzo, Daniel Steel, Nicholous Spark etc.but I am not sure which journey I will take. I am thinking about reading Nepalese and Hindi novels but I don’t think there will be any journey in those language as I made journey of Sheldon’s novels.

Among eighteenth novels of Sheldon, top five for me are

  1. The Sands of Time

  2. The Doomsday Conspiracy

  3. If Tomorrow Comes

  4. Rage of Angles

  5. Bloodline


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