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Gunahon ka Devta

Gunohon Ka Devta

-Dharmaveer Bharti

Rating: 3.5/5

Platonic Love.

I am not going to criticize this concept as I know it exists or I have an illusion about its existence.

For a change, I googled for a classic Hindi novels, I found many and perhaps due to title of this

novel I chose it. The title of a novel always creates an illusion and this is not a case of any exception for

me. I don’t know how or why it became classic Hindi novel. This novel also failed to whet my desire for Hindi novels.

Mr. Bharati must have started writing this novel in some lazy afternoon. It is very slow novel and not with many twist and turns in the story. It have more of analysis than story,which I also found in

Paulo novels. I found Paulo better. While in case of Paulo the analysis of life seems to came from his own experience while in case of Mr. Bharati the analysis of life seems eclectic. The shades of feelings, life and personality shown in novel seems to be collected from various books by the writer rather than his own experience.

The characterization of the protagonist ‘Chander’ and ‘Sudha’ is very good. Their relationship is also portrayed very very well. You can feel the love between these people while reading this book. The character of ‘Binti’ was perhaps given emphasis more than necessary. The character of ‘Pummy’ gives me a feeling of racism present in writer’s mind. Why a lust driven lady have to be Christian?

Although, it is among classic Hindi novels but I found it relatively immature, relative to novels I have read before. The same aspects of society is praised and criticized at different points in novel. There is a glimpse of social stigma in novel, particularly in case of ‘Binti’ marriage. I was hoping for a satire in those cases which was not available. I completed the novel just because I wanted to know how writer ends this story. The word ‘Devta’ for Chander is given too much emphasis.

According to Internet, two hindi movies and a hindi TV series had same name but none are based on the novel. Then I remembered Bollywood movie ‘Rockstar’ which seems to be inspired by this


Very strong title, which is successful to attract readers. Good love story and perhaps one of best I have ever read but an immature novel. Certainly not something to be called classic.


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