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If Tomorrow Comes


if tomorrow-comes

Rating: 5/5

If you want to know how to play chess with two grandmaster at a time and obtain at least draw in both games, then read this novel.

I have read every novel written by Sheldon and this is one of the best.

As usual the main character of this novel is a female. She gets caught for a crime she didn’t commit. I was shocked by the state of the female prison and crimes committed within the jail. On her first night Tracy was raped by three of her female cell-mates. She plans to avenge the people who were responsible for her state. She saves life of jailer daughter and get a pardon. After coming out of prison she takes her revenge with the people who made her convict for the crime she didn’t commit. I found this part little disappointing as she gets her revenge very easily.

It became hard for her to find a job due to her reputation of being a convict. After failing to get any respectable job she chose rob jewel from a house only for once. This is where the story begins and you cannot put down the book after reaching this point. From a simple girl she suddenly becomes a con artist whom every police force in the Europe is looking for. Sidney has been able to exhibit the beautiful art of “con”. You will be amazed by the way she fools the police of entire Europe and steals all those valuable things that were considered as impossible to steal. She fell in love with another con artist and in their final task they fool the Dutch police.


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