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The Tao of Pooh

Tao of Pooh

-Benjamin Hoff

In a facebook page there was a list of three books which according to that page one should read before age of 25. Those books were as follows:

1.       Siddhartha by Herman Hess

2.       Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

3.       Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff

I have read Siddhartha long time ago. I have heard about Alchemist but had not read it then. I read it few months ago. I have not heard about “Tao of Pooh” neither have I heard about the author. Yesterday, I downloaded this book and today finished reading it. It is first book except text books that I completed reading in pdf form.

Unlike Siddhartha and Alchemist, “Tao of Pooh” is not a novel. It is book that tries to gives knowledge and wisdom, something like “Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. Pooh one of admirable cartoon characters for me. This book teach us to be “Pooh”. Pooh a simple bear, who does not claims to be any genius. He is just simple and when problem arrives he keeps his nerves and solves them without much effort. This book teaches the principles of Taoism by keeping Pooh as an example. The Taoism is all about being simple minded, living simple life, respecting nature of everything and not going against the nature. This is what I understood about Taoism after reading this book.

If you want to find loop holes in the writing or in the concept there are many but the idea of living simply is what one should take from this book. I have not read any other book on Taoism so I am not in position to elaborate it. Only thing I did not like in this book is the satire on Confusis and Buddha. If you want to teach someone something good it must not involve jokes on others.

Anyway an average book to read. I read it because of “POOH”. I don’t think I would have read it if Pooh was unknown to me. For me the anecdotes related to Pooh and his friends were fun reading than the knowledge of the book. Teaching of simple living is good but the books must also show the ways to achieve goals in life and how one must stand in difficult times. There is something about achieving goals and facing difficult times but they might work only in case of Pooh bear. I mean to say they don’t seem practical in real life.

For me its 2 for Pooh bear and 1 for simple living.



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