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The Best Laid Plans

5429059_bestlaidIf you want to find a beautiful, diligent, intelligent and successful lady then read Sheldon’s novel. As most of the Sheldon’s novel this is also a story of lady. Leslie Stewart was left with a broken heart by Oliver Russel for political power. This is story about how Leslie tries to avenge for that broken heart.
One of the finest novels by one of the finest novelist. This novel is indeed “a page turner”. The writer knows what reader thinks while reading the novel. The writer makes you think what he wants you to think while reading the novel so the twists at the climax are full of surprises. The writer chose the name of the novel to deceive the reader. The name of the novel and the contents written at the back of the cover will make you imagine what will be there in the story but this is where you are deceived by the writer.
Oliver Russel becomes governor and then president. Leslie becomes owner of most influential media. She tries to harm Oliver reputation with the power of media. At one point of story you might think Leslie will get the revenge but there is twist in tail. At the climax a teenage girl is murdered in a suite of an expensive hotel.  The evidences show that President is guilt and Leslie takes it as major chance to blow the president reputation. But Sheldon has a surprise for all of us at the climax.
You will also find few characters of “The sky is falling” in this novel. Danna Evans is also a major character in this novel. I don’t know whether Sheldon plans story of two novels at a time.
Finally very good novel. If you are fan of Sidney or you like reading suspense, thriller then you must read this on.


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